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/Courses / Clothing Model-Making

Clothing Model-Making

Enseñanzas Artísticas Profesionales

Modelismo de indumentaria

What is it?

The aim of these studies is mainly to work and collaborate with the stylist so that they can interpret and verify the designs by means of patterns and fabric. That way they will produce the prototypes that will become the basis for a later work in the worshops.

This job requires ability and good taste and being quick in the production and specific knwledge of possible problems that it implies.

Due to the diverse kinds of firms working in this field, according to size and product, these professional’ s functions will vary depending on the firm.

2 Year Course with a final project

1,850 hours of class

Degree as a Superior Technician in Clothing Model-making

Professional Field:

1st – The aim of this cycle is to qualify professionals to know how to make into patterns the designs of stylists.

2nd – They will organize their work in cooperation with the stylist to verify and interpret the proposed designs.

3rd – This job, together with the choice of fabric, permits the elaboration of prototypes that will be the basis for a later production in the workshops.


Subjects 1st year 2nd year
Life drawing and its application to clothing 8 4
History of Clothing 2 2
Technical Drawing 2
Audiovisual 2 2
Computer Aided Design 3 2
Textile Technology 3 2
Marketing 4
Model-making 8
Model-making fashion 10
Foreign Language 2 2
Training and Occupational Guidance 2 2

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