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/Courses / Gilding and Polychrome

Gilding and Polychrome

Enseñanzas Artísticas Profesionales

Dorado y Policromía

What is it?

Gilding and Polychrome are among the oldest and most tradional jobs in the religious images.

Their working field, which has been classical in the religious statues and ornamentation, is completed with a wide range of artisitic and traditional terms, like mural ornamentation or exempt for wood, leather or iron, either in furniture or artistic objects, of practical and sumptuary use.

The balanced technical, cultural and artistic education of professionals will help their insertion in firms of a wide commercial offer for the production of objetcs of a remarkable aesthetic  quality, demanded by our society and in which gilding, polychrome or silver in their frames has a great relavance.

2 Year course with a final project

1,600 hours of class

Degree as Technician in Plastic Arts and Design of Gilding and Polychrome

Professional Field:

1st – They will be able to work in firms and workshop of artistic and crafwork character, either in the public or private sector, large or small ones, related to gilding and polychrome.

2nd – They can also work as independent professionals associated in a cooperative way.

3rd – They can develop projects produced by technicians of higher level.


Subjects 1st year 2nd year
History of Culture and Art 2 2
Artistic Drawing 3 3
Volume 3 3
Technical Drawing 3 3
Materials and Technology 2
Foreign Language 2 2
Basic IT 3
Gilding and Polychrome Workshop 12 15
Training and Occupational Guidance 2

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