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My Erasmus in Porto


Even though the city is four hours by car from my house, the feeling of distance and being lost in an unknown city is the same.
Porto apparently looks like a big city, but in fact, it only has about 300,000 inhabitants. It has been awarded as the best European destination in 2017, and It does not surprise me, there is a great atmosphere for tourism, and It has  a lots of erasmus students.

What can not be done in Porto? There is always some plan to enjoy the city. You can visit the galleries and markets that are on Saturday mornings in Cedofeitas street, see how the sun sets over the city in the gardens of Las Virtudes, take advantage of the first Sunday of the month to enter the museums for free, spend the day in The gardens of the Crystal Palace and enjoy its views, take a walk along the riverbank and see the famous Luis I bridge over the River Douro, shopping on Rua Snta. Catarina, see the great Cathedral of Porto, the São Bento train station, spend the afternoon on Matosinhos beach etc.

The Portuguese gastronomy is something that surprised me and I loved it. It´s a coastal city, and fish meals predominate, but there is a lot of variety. My favorite dishes are cod with cream, and the famous Francesinhas. Ah! And the natas too (or the cakes of Bethlehem also known in Spain)

I have also been able to travel around many places in Portugal. Like Coimbra, Lisbon, Braga and Albufeira.
Rail transport around the country is quite well priced. In addition there are agencies for Erasmus students who organize very fun trips and events. They also offer discounts in bars, discos, surf schools, bicycle rentals …

Now let’s talk about the school where I study … The E.S.A.D. It is´nt in the centre, it´s in a small town called Matosinhos, but it´s very easy to get to, because there is a metro stop practically at the door of the school. Here you can breathe a very good atmosphere, graphic design, interiorism, product and fashion coexist in this building along with other studies such as multimedia or communication, and also with masters ( as jewelry). The space is very well distributed, there is a shop of very complete artistic materials, a dining room with varied and quite good menus (including meals for vegetarians), photography studios and gigantic and well equipped audiovisuals, office only for Erasmus students, to ask help or advice, among many other things. From this school come some erasmus students who soon have become well- known as for example the Spanish David Catalán. The work system is very different. One advantage that I find in this school is that the projects that we do are destined to competitions at the national level, and we take away the fear to participate in those that are international. Besides that, the social networks are very active and share everything that the students do of all the designs, they mention to the students who win contests being promoted.

I am really enjoying this experience. Many things are learned academically, and on a personal level. I never thought I could know so much culture from other European countries (Italy, France, Greece, Poland …) and even beyond the continent (Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea …). I encourage you to choose Porto as a destination to go to Erasmus. You will create memories that you will never forget.


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