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/ERASMUS+ at EASD Burgos



Erasmus Statement Policy and ECHE chart

Our institution started its internationalization path in 2007 and it is currently fully committed to it within Erasmus+, for the period 2014-2020 with the Erasmus Charter and The Erasmus Statement Policy.

The most important objectives for the Erasmus policy in our school are:

To improve both the quality of education and the students and teachers’ training.

To develop policies which are able to generate equal opportunities for all students.

To promote respect and tolerance to other forms of action and organization.

To develop student-teacher exchanges with other Higher Educational institutions to acquire knowledge and experience, both as regards the Educative Level and linguistic and socio-cultural levels.

To create an environment and an international atmosphere among students.

To ensure that there is a continuous project in our school in order to improve its management and, thus, to incorporate the results of these experiments carried out in the working organization of the centre and the teaching process.

To link these students and teachers’ experiences to the research in all possible areas, bearing in mind the length of the stay, the profile of the participants and the possibilities of Higher Educational institutions in the host countries.

To expand job opportunities according to the professional profile of the students both in Spain and in the rest of Europe through their exchange experiences (such as keeping in touch with people or the knowledge of their culture).

To continue with our plan to communicate and disseminate mobility programs, specifically, the Erasmus program, through our website and other media.

ECHE Chart: ECHE chart Erasmus+14-20_EN

Erasmus statement policy: ErasmusPolicy Statement-EN


Currently, the EASDB of Burgos has several interinstitucional agreements with the following institutions:

Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (Castelo Branco) – http://www.ipcb.pt/
ESAD Matosinhos (Oporto) – http://www.esad.pt/

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (Oslo) – http://www.hioa.no/eng/

Academia di Belle Arti di Napoli (Nápoles) – http://www.accademiadinapoli.it/

Strzeminski of Art Lodz (Lodz) – http://www.asp.lodz.pl/

Giresun University (Giresun) – http://www.giresun.edu.tr/

Atilim University (Ankara) – http://www.atilim.edu.tr/?lang=en

University of Applied Sciences. (Vilnius) – http://www.viko.lt
Vilnius Academy of Arts (Vilnius) – http://www.vda.lt/index.php/pageid/466

New Bulgarian University (Sofía) – http://www.nbu.bg/entrance.php?lang=1

Czech Republic:

Technical University of Liberec (Liberec) – http://www.tul.cz/en

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