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/Incoming students

Incoming students


General information

The international mobility student may take any course or subject taught by the EASDB of Burgos within the plan studies except for interships and Final project. However the admission of international students may be limited by reaching the students maximum rate allowed.

The international student enrolment at the EASDB will be free of charges. However, small amounts for costs such as photocopies or materials may be charged. These amounts are equivalent to those charged to local students for the same concept.

Class attendance is mandatory at EASDB and all assessment need to be passed in order to obtain the ECTS credits specified in the learning agreement (LA).

Once enrolled in the EASDB Burgos, the students will have the same rights and be subdued to the same rules as other students at the HEI.



Application and deadlines

To apply for a Higher Education stay at this institution, all the documents must be delivered before the application deadline.

First semester (fall semester) and full academic year: 1st June

Second Semester (spring semester): 1st December

Between four or six weeks after the application deadline, participants or sending institutions will be written specifying the final acceptance or not at the EASDB of Burgos.

Documents to be delivered by mail to international@easdburgos.es :

– IDcard/passport

– Photos

European health insurance card

Application form

Europass cv

– Portfolio (cd, dvd or digital book)

– Motivation letter

– Learning agreement_studies_form_final-EN (a scanned copy duly stamped and signed)


Mail address: international@easdburgos.es


Academic calendar

The academic calendar will be uploaded every year.

Generally speaking, Fall semester starts at the end of September and ends in mid February. Spring semester starts in mid February and ends at the end of June.

Grading system for studies

Matrícula de Honor     9 – 10       Outstanding performance (no errors). Passed with honors

Sobresaliente                9 – 10       Excellent

Notable                          8 – 8,9      Very good

Notable                          7 – 7,9       Good

Aprobado                      6 – 6,9       Satisfactory

Aprobado                      5 – 5,9       Sufficient

Suspenso                       0 – 4,9       Failed

According to our Nacional regulation in the educational field (RD 1614/2009 del 26 de Octubre por el que se establece la ordenación de las Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores reguladas por la Ley Orgánica del 2/2006 del 3 de Mayo de Educación), it is stipulated in its article 5.6. that:

“Passed with honors” will be awarded to students with a mark equal or superior than 9. Its number won’t be exceed by 5% of the enrolled students in a subject in the academic year, except if the number of students enrolled is under 20, in which case only a one will be awarded.


Language policy

Our School uses Castilian/Spanish as its teaching language so it is very advisable to have knowledge of our language on arrival. However, some of our lecturers speak English so they can help you at certain times along with the mentor students.

The European Commission provides online linguistic support for participants in its OLS platform with its language courses (Spanish course is available).


Spanish courses

Our Institution doesn’t provide any language course but we invite you to join one of the following options in the event an OLS course has not been assigned to you or you need further assistance with the language:

 Option A

The different Spanish Courses for foreigners (basic, intermediate and advanced levels) at Official School of Languages.

The courses are taught two days / week, four hours attendance. The cost approximately is 165 € and they start at the beginning of October and February. The student will be provided with a certificate of the level achieved.


Telephone: +34 947 244340          Mail: espanol@eoiburgos.es

Official School of Language official web page:


Option B

The different Spanish regular courses (basic, intermediate and advanced levels) at the Economic Faculty, at Burgos University (UBU).

The courses are taught two / week, four hours attendance. The cost approximately is 250 € and they start at the beginning of October and February. The student will be provided by 6 ECTS.


Coordinator: Mª Pilar Alonso Abad

Telephone: +34 947 25 80 54          Mail:  incourses@ubu.es

UBU official web page:

Centro de Lenguas Modernas – Modern Language Centre, UBU

Option C

The different Spanish courses for Foreigners at “Campus Educativo” academy (which the EASDB has signed an agreement with).


Telephone:  (+34) 947 671 731

Web page: www.cecyl.es

Address: Calle Calzadas, nº 5, Burgos



Erasmus+ mobility platform

Once selected, the participant will join the following courses at our Erasmus+ Mobility Platform: “Contact and general information for incoming”, “Incoming students”, “Practice and cultural information” and “EASDB’s partners”.

All documents and steps to ensure a satisfying mobility are available in this platform.



“The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”

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