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EASD said good-bye to her student from Flensburg, Germany



The College of Design and School of Art of Burgos, for second consecutive year, has been hosting graduated students from Eckener-Schule Flensburg, Germany.

During her three-month stay, Fanny has been integrated with Vocational-Training-Cycle students, she has worked in different workshops which are included in the Cycles’ curriculum, together with other core subjects to complete her training, such as: Leather, Volume and Projects, Artistic Cabinet Making, Gilding and Polychrome, Photography and Artistic Drawing.

She has taken these positive experiences with her back to Germany: different works from our workshops, wonderful impressions from her trips to Salamanca, León and Barcelona, among other cities and her schoolmates’ friendship from the EASDB.

We want to stress her ability to adapt herself and her willingness to learn our language, just like her constancy and her friendliness.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to make Fanny’s stay so positive and valuable, both personally and professionally!

Viel Glück!


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