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Ciao a tutti


Nápoles Erasmus


Ciao a tutti, thanks to the Erasmus scholarship I have spent the last months living in Naples, the biggest city in southern Italy.

This is a quite peculiar city, full of contrasts. The city center is a maze of old and narrow streets, traffic is completely chaotic and seaside promenade is one of the most nice and peaceful places; and besides, there are nearby villages and towns that are worth visiting. I have studied during the first semester in the Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples, one of the oldest centers in all Europe. There are taught lessons of Painting, Graphic Design, Scenography, Fashion Design, Sculpture… The best of all is the multidisciplinary environment, you can enter into all kind of classes and learn very interesting things.

Besides the city or the studies, I recommend this experience to all, it doesn´t matter which chosen destination. You can get to know people from every part of the world, learning another language and get along with friends that become a new family. It is something unrepeatable and nobody regrets about it.


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