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Sueños & Hechizos


Sueños & Hechizos by Yolanda Berezo Ruíz100

Who hasn´t dreamt about being like someone else? Who hasn´t thought as a child… I want to be like….?

Audrey Hepburn. She is unique, she is the one and only. She is the dream of any you woman. She was the ultimate icon of elegance and glamour, a mixture of plain and elegant style. She has influenced the style of a whole era, with a great impact and importance right up until today. Audrey left us the most beautiful image of all times. Her personality and style were worthy of admiration and represented an unforgettable style that she immortalized and was to last forever.

Her smile was the way young women should smile; her slim and thin figure was the figure that young women wanted to have.

The project “Dreams and spells” involves the making of a coat, a woman´s dress and 3 models of childrenwear in similar shades for different ages.

The personality of Audrey, her plain and simple style, her naïve look, the innocence and ingenuity, the glamour, the elegance… have provided the main themes that have guided the choice of the garments.

The references used are: photos, videos, and films that have helped the development of this project.

The fabrics themselves are important for their own sake, as well as Audrey’s clothes which had universal fame.

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