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/Courses / Isabel García (Destination: Bulgaria)

Isabel García (Destination: Bulgaria)




Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, post-communist city with obvious Soviet signs. One of the poorest countries in the EU but resilient thoughts.

Reaching SOFIA, the great unknown, getting lost along its streets, finding out about its culture, tasting its food and learning its language. It is a unique experience to live, feel and experience. It is something that you can not miss. Having the opportunity to leave your home country and live in a foreign country while feeling secure is a great opportunity. When you arrive to the country there is a person who helps you at all times.

Weather is variable. During winter it snows and it´s cold, sometimes average temperature. The celebration of the Martenitsa announces the arrival of spring and warmer weather. Besides come the storks bringing prosperity.

Get yourself lost in its streets, you will always be in good company with other Erasmus students from different countries, learn words in their language, some of their culture and their country dish.

ESN arranges trips, activities and parties with all the Erasmus in the city, you will have no problem in meeting Bulgaria´s border countries and other Bulgarian cities which bring you closer to the culture.

Experience is what you get. Enjoy it!!


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