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/Courses / Tania Matanzas (Destination: Lithuania)

Tania Matanzas (Destination: Lithuania)


Catedral Vilnius - TANIA

I arrived in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, (with an Erasmus scholarship) on September 23rd and from the first moment I felt that this city had something that would make me never forget it.

It was like that in the beginning and I think the same right now.

The little light it has during winter is dyed in gray but you keep falling in love with a sadness which cries snow flakes and covers you in a white coat.

Yes, snow is following you wherever you go, it even reaches the month of April when the spring pokes its head round it; and then, comes the light, the first sunbeams graze your skin and everyone goes out. Cathedral square becomes again alive, full with bikers and skaters making noise with their skateboards, full terraces, kids with their mouths stained with ice-cream… LIFE.

And what to say about this people, apparently cold and distant… but hey!: They are from the north. Discretion is their motto and they are extremely polite.

When you get to know them they give you all their support and welcome you with open arms.

So it happened with our classmates, at first a little skeptical about the novelty but in a few days, we were fitted in.

This experience has been very satisfactory in many ways: professionally, because I could develop  my final project, making things easier than expected; the staff, because I have found people with extraordinary qualities as men and women; and culturally, because I immerse myself in knowing this city and its people.

Tania Matanzas.

Vilnius, April the 18th, 2013.


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