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Practice information



To study in our School, EASDB, you must:

-Be admitted and registered as a student.

-Obtain a student visa or a stay permit for the purpose of studies.


Whether your study stay is less than 90 days (short-term) or more than 90 days (national visa) we will provide you with supporting documentation proving your admission to the School and the reason for the stay in the Erasmus+ mobility programme.

EU citizens who plan to stay in EASDB for study purposes need to apply for a residence authorisation for the length of their stay and is renewable. Within a month of your entry into Spain you must apply for an authorization for a study stay at the Foreign office.

You must prove:

-Admission to EASDB.

-Health insurance and a health certificate for long stays.


-Sufficient financial resources to cover your living expenses, the costs of your studies and your return. International grants such as Erasmus+ are usually acceptable as financail resources.


More info:

Non EU-citizens who plan to stay in EASDB for study purposes for more than a 90-day stay are in need of a national visa (long term visa). The firs step is to contact the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country and follow the standard procedure (the EASDB will give you the acceptance letter required to prove your acceptance at our institution). Once in Spain, you must apply for an authorisation for the length of you stay with us at the Foreign Office. The student visa is granted for the whole duration of the course and it is renewable.

More info:



We also recommend for all students to register their personal data along with their travelling details at the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs travellers registration”, (registro del viajero del Ministerio de Exteriores) so you can be located during your cultural trips across our country during your stay, in case of an emergency.

More info about travelling recommendation:


Health care and insurance

If your are a student from European Union state members, you are covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to get medical assistance at public health institutions (National Social Security System).
In order to obtain this service, you need to contact your own Social Security Office before arriving to Burgos.

Nevertheless, the EHIC coverage may varies in each country, specifically in case of death, repatriation and specific medical procedures. It is important to contract private insurance which at least covers these possibilities and send a copy to us before arriving to Burgos.

If you are a student coming from outside the European Union, you need to be property insured and have health insurance in your own country that cover the basic Spanish requirement, before arriving to Burgos.

It is also wise to include in the contract private insurance cancellations and lost luggage.



Our EASDB does not operate student housing of its own.
You should, therefore; choose one of the following options:

Optiona A: renting

You can rent a flat on your own or shared with other students; or private rooms. You can check availability at our Notice Board. If there are no choices left, Burgos has weekly local papers carrying adverts for whole flats for rent (“Alquileres”), or rooms in flats already occupied by students.
To locate the streets, you may browse the following links:

Also, you could try the following link: https://erasmusu.com/en/erasmus-student-housing

You would need to make a registration and pay a fee. Please, make sure not to make any prepayments for the apartment unless the people you contact with give you some sort of document verifying the arrangement you have agreed on.  There is a warning in the site.

Foreign students will be offered assistance by our EASDB’s International Office.

Over 160 € up to 250 € a month is usually paid for a room in a flat with other students (plus electricity and heating bills). Most of the flats are completely furnished and a deposit is usually required of one month’s rent when renting the room.

Option B: residences

Gil de Siloé (public residence)
Residents: men and women
Places – 88
Address: Avda. Cantabria, s/n.
Phone: +34 947 220 362
Mail: Gildesiloe-ij@jcyl.es
San Agustín
It .has an agreement with EASDB Burgos.
Residents: men and women
Places – 180. Disabled accessible
Address: C/ Madrid, 22.
Phone: +34 947 200 283


More information about residences can be found at our tab “living in Burgos”.

Cost of living

Below these lines we show you the price of some basic products which can be found at supermarkets or corner shop:

Item – price (€) 

1kg oranges 1,50€                               1l milk 0,55 €;
Loaf of bread 0,80 €                            Coffee (at a bar) 1,25 €

Spaghetti (250 gr) 0,55€                     12 eggs: 1,25€

4 yoghurts 1,60€                                 1l oil “aceite de oliva virgen” 1,60 €


The average restaurant meal is around 10,00 €.

In some cafés in University centres (close to the EASDB) there is also a refectory, with different reduced prices in each, open from 8:00 to 21:00. On non-teaching days the hours are reduced or they are closed.

More information about refectories can be found at our tab “living in Burgos”.



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