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Al-Zuleique Namorado


Al-Zuleique Namorado is a collection of eco-sustainable contemporary fashion for women. The collection has been inspired by Portuguese culture, highlighting the tiles and moving tradition leços dos namorados.
Collection for spring-summer 2015 is made up of twenty looks. Both of them are made with ecosustainable material and they come from Fabrics for freedom of association; the purpose of this
collection is dedicated to raise awareness of a textile responsible consumption. It´s made of threads provided by the distribution of ecological fabric in Portugal, Marlene Oliveira.
The collection consists of pieces of clothing designed in order to have a long life. They are high quality clothes because of the materials. They are based on a careful manufacturing and the use
of traditional methods such as embroidery technique on some of the clothes.
They are clothes designed for real people, outside the stereotypes of extremely thin models.
Made in Spain with based on evioronmental sustainability and “Hand made” refers to the hand crafted production, which differs from the mass production.
“Creating sustainable clothing in order to make the world a better place to live in”
“We are able to change, step by step, detail by detail, for the shake of everyone”

AL ZULEIQUE NAMORADO H264 1280 from EASD Burgos on Vimeo.


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