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Botanic Porcelain


Botanic Porcelain by Enma Sancho0005

Botanic Porcelain is a woman’s collection for the season spring summer, inspired by the curvy shapes of the porcelain tea sets with floral illustration by Joseph Pierre Reoduté.

Based on the concept “Hand Made” and elaborated with ecological fabrics. The ecological fabrics are made of natural fibers, without using chemical products of synthesis as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Harmful processes are being used for the elimination of plagues and hereby farmers cultivate for a healthier production and not injurious to animals.

The supplier of the fabrics is Fabrics for freedom- a non-profit organization, which tries to sensitize about the importance of responsible textile consumption; promoting the ecological fibers.

The term “Hand Made” refers to the handcrafted production, which differs from the mass production.

Made in Spain with associated principles based on environmental sustainability and universal human rights protection.


Finalist, XVI  Castilla y León  Fashion Week 2013



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