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Calipigia represents an ode, a tribute to the beauty, not understood the classic mode, but the twenty-first century. The new artificial beauty, born of an operating room, an aesthetic clinic, that beauty sculpted by Nip- Tuck, of botulinum toxin and he enhancing implants. The dreamlife beauty, never before was reached so easily.

This collection tells a story, shows a surgical process in reverse, starting with the result, a smooth skin, stretched, as amended by Botox, through the latex is intended to reflect that feeling.

But if we try an intervention of aesthetic surgery to reverse after the final results have white bandages, newly changed, the white mesh fabric evokes directly to that image; before those bands, we found bloody bandages, with traces of congealed blood, the rack fabric represents that texture.

To reflect the muscle tissues I have created my own fabric, on tulle, adding ribbons satin bias in burgundy and beige.

We could say that plastic surgeons build the XXI century Frankenstein.


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