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We live in two worlds: the world of wakefulness, with the laws of science, logic and social behavior and the dreams’ world, surrounded by mysteries. ‘Letargo’ talks about the unattainable dream world.

The collection has been inspired by dreams, the unconscious and the symbolism of dreams throughout human evolution. To create this collection theoric concepts such as evolution knowledge of dreams, psychoanalysis’ study and dreams’ interpretation have been taken. Artistic expressions such as surrealism and dreamlike esthetic are references as well.

The creative approach that is given to the collection is represented by shapes, fabrics, prints, embroidery and colors. Shapes and fabrics are rigid and structured, but at the same time they are organic and delicate. Over these shapes and fabrics, that act as canvases, dreams and unconscious thoughts have been drawn. Prints and embroidery tell stories of people who lived at different points of times over the history. The color palette is composed of white, representing the canvas; blue as the dreams and gray symbolizes nightmares.

‘Letargo’ shows a collection full of meaning, waking up emotions and covering different interpretations which not only talks about concepts such as creativity, design or esthetics but also speaks about human and social issues.


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