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Prayers Meri da Picnic


In class, in a restaurant, in a bar, in the street, in a friends meeting, generally we can see everywhere someone hooked on a mobile phone.

The spring summer 2015 Prayers collection by Meri da’ Picnic is composed of 4 looks, two of women and two of men, full of prints and color.

The inspiration starts on the Burgos Cathedral and how the iconography represented the faith topics of the population to throw a message and hit in everyone; with this reason it’s pretended to use this language to throw a reflexion idea to those who see the collection, doing the observer realize that how we are invaded of the new technologies and internet, creating dependence and in lots of cases addiction, promoting a concerned and reasonable use of this devices through the garments language and the prints, as hands with and without mobile phones, pillar sections, on and off symbols or a front with Christ charging the phone battery, taking a selfie or playing with a tablet.


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