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Punizione Divina


PUNIZIONE DIVINA by Noelia Stm0017

PUNIZIONE DIVINA is a pret-a-porter woman collection for Fall-Winter season 2013-2014, which shows us an uninhibited style, without fear. Inspired in the Divine Comedy, Dante’s masterpiece, we see how the world of the dead men is divided in three subworlds; the hell, the purgatory and the paradise. Following these different stages, there arises this collection based on this way towards the perfection. Seen from a distance, Punizione Divina is shown as a straight flush: from black and red tones, representing Hell, later, the blue scale and makeup tones, alluding to Purgatory, and, finally the nude and violet tones refering to Paradise. Delicate dresses, voluminous and natural fabrics will form the collection. With organic details and volatile prints.Floor-length dresses or midi, referring to Paradise, which shorten as we enter Purgatory, and in Hell, dresses gain volume in the hip. Will wear all kinds of necklines but always with a common denominator: belted at the waist, wherefrom the different silhouettes start.






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