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“Strong Billl”


The collection is aimed to a male and female audience whose age varies between 20 and 35 years. Both of them are addicted to everything unusual and esthetically striking, thus defining part of their particular personality, composed from unique elements.


They are active and optimistic supporters of anything that involves “culture”, they mix his interest in technology and innovation with their impulse to seek risky elements. They attend cultural events, they travel for leisure and pleasure, they break the daily routine and physical inactivity.


They set life goals that allow them to fight every day to get them. They feed themselves from their surroundings and from resources available to them, challenge-products and cutting edge ones. They are attracted to fusion and blends. They are bold when buying fashion.

Their musical tastes are quite diverse, ranging from folk music to the more classical or traditional one, they are looking for sounds inducing feelings. They are constantly renewed, without fear of novelty. They mix the latest trends in every possible way.


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