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“Trash Love”


In the present economic context , submerged in a capitalist society, the design is an instrument to increase the market quota, however, there are fractures and contradictions in every system, and we, the designers, should work with them productively.

One of the greatest challenges is to achieve success without giving up moral and ethical principles. To achieve a conscious , responsible and conceptual design without giving up innovation and technological development .

We live in a very competitive time, where values are changed round, and it is more importart to achieve fame and money than to worry about the community .

The globalization of consumerism ends up in a huge amount of waste product, which is piled it up. It is estimated that one kilogram of rubbish per day is produced by each citizen . That means tons of residues annually. The rubbish,s problem is universal and most of the developed countries care about it .

No preceding society before ours has produced such amount of waste.

The lack of resources, the rise of the combustible costs, the water, the light and labour costs are forcing the industry to exam the non- returnable nature impact and its poor ethical practises to profit from the use of the recycling.

After years of economic crisis, the world has started to bet on efficient consumer. To think about the put aside, undone , useless and abandoned things, give us the possibility of RE-create, RE- make and REthink.

This process allows us not only to give a new lifecycle to things , but also to place the product in unexpected hollows.

In that context, the more creative designers dare to RE-use the waste and transform them into new artistic things : It is a way to show that creativity and talent can use not only the residues, but even they can make up pieces with a high level of social complaint, most of the times associated to violence, in a society with an uncontrolled and frenzied consumerism, in a world full of contrast.

Fashion constitutes a sociological aesthetic document that explain the sensibility of a time.

Fashion is in the street , so it belongs to the people .

We use a lot of clothes and as time passes by, we get rid of them more quickly.

With the shortness of tendencies, thousands of tons of clothes lose their attraction assigned , and therefore leave an open space in the postmodern compulsive buyer, s spirit ; a hollow which can only be filled with another thing on cash payment .

The purchase and the sale , – that human acts that make ordinary life possible – are urban styles by themselves.

This project is a way to face the fashion to the fashion,s own system , using the formula :

2e= to understand (entender) + to experiment (experimentar).

This experiment involves putting the fear apart, crossing the verge of correctness to approach the past and to draw new proposals.

By means of RE- creation , RE- expression and Reutilization, I intend to create a new waste outlook and a connection between Art , Fashion & Design and Political activity .

This project pretends to transgress the merely aesthetic , so the garments created could turn into a new protest against the contemporary society imposed rules and their speedily fashion consumerism.

With a conceptual and interdisciplinary character, it cames up with the intention of setting up starting points to develop later on , more than the intention of being on the market .

The search starts with the wasted materials, abandoned garments withthe shape of the body which was worn , weaves out of stock, untidy materials without usefulness. The issue is to transform the waste into raw  material.To give them a second opportunity.

There are not preliminary drawings to represent the pieces. Only a few sketchings or collages that can define the design line.

The process consists of changing the concept and the functional character of the garments; breaking with custom, mixing and getting freedom to cover any part of the body.

The creative act is hand made in the workshop .

The designs and garments are determined by some basic briefings with the fundamental premises of innovation and sustainability. It is a combination between an inspiring idea, founded material and colour.

As it is going to be produced with used pieces, each garment will be unique and one and only.


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