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“Utero SS17”


In this project I show what is monstrous for me in the 21st century, thanks to the initiative of the college of Art and Design of Burgos for the two-hundred year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s book, “Frankenstein”.

My proposals show an evolution that represents the different stages of women throughout their lives, showing the difficulties that women face.

Therefore, what is monstrous for me is what puts pressure on women and does not respect them. And my monster is discrimination of women and the need that women feel to comply to certain beauty stereotype.

The collection is composed of ten looks and I have made two of them. Each look has three different parts, a collared shirt, a dress and a leather accessory, such as, a belt or a necklace.

The selected colors range from light pink to dark black. I also used reds and maroons to represent the different stages of the life of women.

There is hand made embroidery in each look I made with the drawing of the female reproductive system so that it expresses the basic aspects that  represent us as women.


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