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Map of the building


Map of the Ground Floor

B1 Artistic Drawing Classroom

B2 Artistic Drawing Classroom

B3 Specific Baccalaureate Classroom

B4 Volume Classroom

B5 Volume Classroom

B6 Volume Classroom

B7 Gilding and Polychromy Workshop

B8 Joinery Workshop

B9 Joinery Practice Classroom

B10 Sizing Practice Classroom

B11 Staff Room

B12 Leather Workshop

B13 Clothing Model-Making Classroom

B14 Fashion theory practice Classroom

B15 Fashion Design Classroom

B16 Fashion theory practice Classroom

B17 Library and audiovisual archives

D6 Artistic Drawing Dept.

D7 Volume Dept.

D8 Applied Arts Projects Dept.

D9 Fashion Design Projects and Research Dept.

1 Secretary

2 Secretary

3 Head of studies

4 Head of studies

5 Management

6 Meeting Room

7 Reprographics

8 Reception

9 Activity Dept.

Map of the 1st Floor

A1 Theory classroom

A2 Theory classroom

A3 Theory classroom

A4 Theory classroom

A5 Theory classroom

A6 Theory classroom

A7 Theory classroom

A8 Theory classroom

A9 Theory classroom

A10 Technical Drawing Classroom

A11 Technical Drawing Classroom

A12 Computer Room

A13 Computer Room

A14 Theory classroom

A15 Warehouse Classroom

A16 Textile Laboratory Classroom

A17 Practical Classroom

A18 Audiovisual Classroom

A19 Photography Laboratory

D1 History of Art and International Relations Dept.

D2 Baccalaureate Dept.

D3 Scientific Technical Dept.

D4 Image and Design Dept.

D5 Free Classroom

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