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The School of Art and College of Design of Burgos has always supported the concerns of our students, their projects and proposals with great interest.

Main goals:

Promoting artistic values.
Promoting collectives of artists and artisans.
Bringing fine arts and design to the citizens through urban spaces.
Promoting cultural innovation and artistic expression and creation in Burgos.
Providing support and guidance to students through various activities and events.
Facilitating access to the work world in an artistic environment.
Developping agreements with different entities, organizations, companies, administrations.
Ensuring compliance with art-promoting laws and regulations.
Communication and promotion.
Collaborating with local authorities.
Making contact with schools or design-related entities.

Premios y reconocimientos de nuestros estudiantes:

entrevet says good-bye

Entrevet, the two-year project, within the Erasmus + program, finishes its path.

Finland returns to the School

Satu Virtanen, student from Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design (IKATA) in Finland, is about to finish her intership at […]

My Erasmus in Naples

Julia Renedo tells us her experience with Erasmus+

Entrevet continues its path

The participants, students from Leather Accessories Craftwork vocational studies in entrevet


I´ve been lucky to have been given an Erasmus + grant to visit the NBU.

Cigdem and Fatima from Giresun University at EASD with Erasmus+

Cigdem and Fátima, from the Girseun University (Turkey) with Erasmus+ at the School

Erasmus+, intership at Lodz, Poland

I would spend hours talking about my experience

Dovilé, Busra y Anna with Erasmus +

Presentation given by incoming Fashion Design students thanks to Erasmus + programme.


I never imagined doing an Erasmus and I think it’s the best experience I’ve had.

Erasmus in Oporto

The classes are very interactive ad creativity is highly encouraged.

ENTREVET project in the EASD Burgos!

The next workshop will be in Finland.

Alla scoperta di Gubbio e Umbria

Four VET students in Leather Accessories and two teachers from EASD in Italy with Erasmus+ and the entreVET project

Bird cage

Victor de la Fuente Barriuso

Zuekos 2.0

Ana Aguirre Lamas

The need to sit down

Collective project

Side table

Pedro Pablo Maestre Ortega


Rocio Fernández Pacio

Children bikes

Design of prototypes of wooden chairs.

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