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/Applied Arts to Wood

Applied Arts to Wood

Enseñanzas Artísticas Profesionales

Artes aplicadas a la madera

What is it?

The teaching related to these arts provided to the students is a quality artistic education, which permits them to appreciate the importance of the applied arts as an artistic language and as a means of cultural expression, and also to develop their creative ability.

Due to the great variety of techniques, procedures, materials and workshops, the working field for the Superior-Level Training Cycles includes a great amount of possibilities such as ornamental architecture, items for theatre, television, daily use objects, trophies,…

2 Year Course with a final project

1,900 hours of class

Degree as Senior Technician in Applied Arts to Wood

Professional Field:

1st–  In artistic and craftwork industry and workshops, either  in the public or private sector, related to different themes.

2nd – As an independent professional , in association or in a cooperative way.

3rd –  They can develop projects of artistic character produced by themselves, by other qualified people or other artists.


Subjects 1st year 2nd year
History of Sculpture 2 2
Artistic Drawing and Colour 4 4
Descriptive Geometry 3
Computer Aided Design 2
Materials and Technology 2 2
Audiovisual 2
Foreign Language 2 2
Artisitic Wood Carving Workshop 3 3
Artistic Cabinet-making Workshop 3 3
Gilding and Polychrome Workshop 3 3
Artistic Embossed Leather Workshop 3 3
Volume and Projects 6 6
Training and Occupational Guidance 2 2

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