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/International / Erasmus+ (Page 2)


My Erasmus in Porto

Even though the city is four hours by car from my house, the feeling of distance and being lost in […]

Naples, a lifetime experience

“Quando uno straniero viene a Napoli piange due volte, quando arriva e quando riparte”. It is said that when someone […]

We have so much to share!

Mercedes Garrido has visited Instituto Politécnico Castelo Branco, at Portugal, thanks to the Higher Education program, within Erasmus+

Erasmus in Lodz, Poland

Samara Tamames, a Fashion Design student, tell us about her experience in Poland thanks to Erasmus+

3, 2, 1………. ENTRE VET!

The EASDBurgos travelled to Tartu, Estonia.This meeting has been the starting point of the project ENTRE VET “Cultural Features in Product Design. Entrepreneurial Initiative in VET”

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