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/International / Experiences 07|14 / Leonardo da Vinci 2007-2014

Leonardo da Vinci 2007-2014

Living in Finland

Leonardo scholarship gives me a great opportunity, a great experience, that will determine the rest of my life.

Leonardo work experience 2013/14: Public presentations already available!


Participants in Leonardo Projects come back home.

Seven students of the School of Art and Superior of Design in Burgos have had several-month stays in different countries in Europe.

Two students from EASDB in Italy!

Our classmates help us with everything.

Tamara Villa del Hoyo and Enma Sancho Arnáiz enjoy a grant in Oporto.

By Tamara Villa del Hoyo and Enma Sancho Arnáiz

Travel thrills thanks to Leonardo Scholarships.

Seven graduates of the EASDB are going to enjoy a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship.

The EASD said farewell to their German students.

Dennis and Esther, students from Germany in the EASDB.

The EASD of Burgos becomes internationalized!

Thank you very much!

Available presentations experiences Leonardo project on 2012/13!

  Last May 17th took place at the EASD presentation of “Under the stars” PLM project leonardo experiences, during which […]

Eckener-Schule Flensburg Leonardo Experience.

Germany EASD Burgos

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