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In the employment exchange work to facilitate contact between our students and businesses.

The students in our school have received the best training in the areas of art: fashion design, modeling of clothing, accessories and leather crafts, enamel, gold and polychrome wood carving and woodwork.

Due to the coexistence of the various workshops within the same school, our students as well as being high quality specialists in these areas have received interdisciplinary training that enables them to cover a wider field of action.

If you have a job for us and want us to publish in this section of our website send it to bolsadeempleo@escueladearteburgos.com.

If instead you prefer to receive direct deal call 947 212 010 and ask for Marina Hernandez.

On the other hand if you are a student or alumnus and want your resume or portfolio becomes part of our database, send it in pdf format to the same address, explaining that you accept our privacy policy.

Call Center Schedule: Tuesdays from 11: 45-12: 40, Thursday from 12: 40-13: 30

You can find us on:

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