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/International / Experiences 07|14 / Comenius 2007-2014 / The EASD of Burgos becomes internationalized!

The EASD of Burgos becomes internationalized!



Thanks to the Programs of International Mobility(Comenius, Leonardo and Erasmus),twenty students from the Ikata’s School (Ikaalinen, Finland), 2 students from the Eckener-Schuler School (Flensburg, Germany), one student from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania) and one student from the New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgary) have visited our school and learnt about the studies offered ,apart from enjoying what Burgos has to offer. This Students’ Exchange makes us grow as a School and generates opportunities for our students so that they can know how they work in other countries,while offering them the possibility to show other students what they do here. From the EASDB we want to express gratitude to all these centres for the opportunity that they give to us and we hope that they have enjoyed the experience so much as we have. Thank you very much!


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