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/International / Incoming / The EASD said farewell to their German students.

The EASD said farewell to their German students.



Due to the European projection set eight years ago in the “Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Burgos” and through the Leonardo da Vinci  Lifelong Learning Programme scholarships, two German participants, Dennis and Esther, graduated  from  the  “Eckener-Schule”  in Flensburg, Germany, landed in our town by the end of September to start an adventure that would last until Christmas.

During their 12 week stay, Dennis and Esther  were part of our students of Arts Applied to Wood. They worked at the different workshops that form the degree curriculum and at other subjects that are essential to complete this training:  Leather, Volume and Projects, Artistic Cabinet-Making, Enamel,  Ginding and Polychromy and Artistic Drawing.

Although we are from very different countries we shared different learning styles and we did our best for them.

They have taken back to Germany many positive experiences, some works done at the different workshops, a great knowledge of the Cantabrian coast, friends and, mainly, good memories.

From the school we would like to thank them their friendliness, their effort, their determination, their effort to try to communicate in Spanish and also the work they have rewarded us with.

We really wish them the best of luck!!!!

Viel Glück!


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