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/Courses / Patricia Fuentes Vázquez. From Flensburg

Patricia Fuentes Vázquez. From Flensburg


Patricia Fuentes From Flensburg

From Flensburg.

Hi everyone. My name is Patricia Fuente Vázquez. I am a student in the School of Art and Design of Burgos and I´ve had the chance to enjoy one of the Leonardo Scholarships.

My destination has been Flensburg (Germany) and I will tell you about my experience, in these four rows, at a human level.

Firstly I would like to say that it has been indescribable and unique for me. It has served personally to me for growing as a person, I’ve met a lot of people but there are always people with whom to have that special chemistry.

Going to a country where they do not speak the same language as you do and where they have different customs and realizing that you are able to make yourself understood and even making jokes has been unique for me. This experience has made me enjoy those little things as never,

and besides you learn many things.

I recommend to everyone having this opportunity to grab it very tight and don´t  think it twice. Go for everything because you won´t regret. It´s something I´ll never forget and I´m sure it will be of much use in the future.

I have ten days left and I´m coming back to Burgos as a new person.


The pic I have chosen was taken in Berlin. It shows these two people with whom I got this special chemistry.

Greetings from Flensburg.

Patricia Fuente Vázquez.


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