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/International / Erasmus+ / My Erasmus in Naples

My Erasmus in Naples


My Erasmus in Naples began with the fear of going to an unknown city and of doing it alone. But that fear disappears the first week you spend in the city, as soon as you start meeting people in your same situation, classmates and people who help you without knowing you.
The first impression of Naples was that of chaos, the traffic here is crazy: motorcycles on all sides, everything full of people, narrow streets and markets on every corner. But all this is what makes Naples a different city.
As for the monuments to visit, the city has several famous churches, including the Church Gésu Nuovo and the Gothic Basilica of Santa Clara. In Naples there is always something to do: visit the Castel Nuovo, the National Archaeological Museum, go to the Plesbicito square or climb Mount Vesuvius, the still active volcano that destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii.
With the student card of the Academia di Belli Arte, most museums and buildings are free, and not only in Naples but throughout Italy so you have the option of making numerous trips since transportation is very cheap.
Naples is famous for being the cradle of pizza, you can find a food stand with every step you take.
With respect to La Accademia di Belli Arte, this is a huge school in which all areas of design coexist and where they have a quite liberal teaching format, being able to choose subjects of different modalities such as graphic design, interior design or photography.
Although in some parts of Naples a dialect of Italian is spoken, in general it is not very difficult to get used to the language and gradually get to understand more and more.
I encourage everyone to make this experience, you learn not only at an academic level, but at a personal level to know how to get involved in a new city and above all to have the opportunity to meet people from so many different cultures


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