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/International / Erasmus+ 14|20 / Ricardo tells us about his experience in Finland!

Ricardo tells us about his experience in Finland!



This grant has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, to have a new experience at all levels, both at a professional and at a personal level. I have travelled and met wonderful people and so many other exciting things I will never forget.

This period of time away from home makes us think about the future and about how you want to live when you come back home because after all you are the only one who chooses where you want to go, what you want to do and how you want to do it.

This grant allows you to study in a completely different country and this involves immersing yourself in a completely different culture to mine.

At an artistic level Italy is a country which is full of art and history. Wherever you go, there is a monument or a museum with lots of extraordinary pieces of art. This has given me the chance to watch and learn about the great masters of antiquity.

At a technical level, it has allowed me to deal with new techniques. I didn´t know about new points of view and new challenges that I would never have learnt about if I hadn´t come here.

This grant has shown me places I will never forget and I will miss when I go back to Spain. It has also introduced me to friends I would never have met and who I will miss when I am not here anymore.

From a professional point of view I could never have had better training because not only do I study its art but I also live surrounded by it.

With all this, I want to encourage all those who are having doubts or who haven´t thought about joining one of these programmes. So I want to encourage them to enjoy an experience like mine, which will definitely be a life changing experience.


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