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/International / Erasmus+ / We have so much to share!

We have so much to share!


I work as a teacher and, paradoxically, it means never stop learning. On this occasion my teachers have been my Portuguese colleagues from the art school  Castelo Branco welcomed I was  warmly welcomed and I was shown their daily work.

All the teachers I met are wonderful professionals, eager to do their job. Their methods, the means available to them and the tasks they give to the students make the educative process in the Design Studies be similar to the one developed in Burgos School. I attended, as an observer, the classes of fashion design and interior design and equipment. I also visited their workshops and some other dependencies related to students and teachers as for example the shop for students or the digital printing room.

Since the upper studies here last three years, during their third year of Fashion Design they must show all they have learnt, and put it into practice materializing a part of the collection fulfilled in Projects. On the other hand, and with the help of the city Council, they usually organize a fashion show every year. Regarding the more graphic subjects, they not only study drawing and painting, but also they experiment with other technics such as engraving and stamping.

The schedule is morning and afternoon, from 9:00 until 19:00, with some free time in between, at lunch time above all. You can have a snack in the canteen or go to the nearby canteen in the nearby engineering building. There is also another canteen in the student residence 15 minutes away.

After having spent a week in this small town, I think I have a slight and general idea of what it is like, you can walk the narrow street of the historic centre, where you can find together traditional buildings and some museums, together with new open spaces; and on top of the hill, the remains of an old castle, from which you can see beautiful panoramic sights of the city of the orange and lemon trees, as long as the surroundings dotted with olive trees.

Both the local and out coming students make a numerous community, something you may appreciate in bars and discos in the place.

For the students of our school who are thinking of applying an Erasmus, I can tell them, that in our neighbour country they will find very few integration difficulties, ( although hazing still exist), since they have an open mind to the international relationships, and they are looking forward to receiving students from other countries.

I encourage my colleagues to start similar experiences as I think they enrich our professional  and cultural background.




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