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/International / Erasmus+ / Cigdem and Fatima from Giresun University at EASD with Erasmus+

Cigdem and Fatima from Giresun University at EASD with Erasmus+


Cigdem and Fátima, from the Girseun University (Turkey) have worked with us at the School, for two days this week.

They have come thanks to a Staff mobility for Training grant with Erasmus+, with the main goal of learning the methodology used in the Fashion Design studies at our School, specially in the areas of Artistic Drawing and Fashion projects.

In order to do that, the have had meetings with different teachers of these areas; have attended the explanations of some of our 4º year Fashion students who have revealed their creative process in their final projects; have attended Fashion projects lessons for job shadowing, learning the different dynamics of the 3º year Fashion students; and finally, they have been talking with the same group about the importance of branding and how is this concept differently focused on Spain and Turkey.

This kind of grants among enterprises and institutions helps the interchange of ideas, collaborations and methodologies among lecturers and teachers, which helps to improve the teaching’s quality.

Incomign teachers and students at EASD Burgos


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