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/News / Contest of Young Designers. 21st Fashion Show of Castilla y León, 2018.

Contest of Young Designers. 21st Fashion Show of Castilla y León, 2018.


The rules regulating the contest of young designers, which is going to be held on the occasion of the Fashion Show of Castilla y León, as well as the registration form are already published. It includes two categories: design and entrepreneurship. The link is:


The contest is open to the participation of all young national designers and is going to take place on 11 October, 2018.  Those interested may compete in the two available categories.

Design Category



This category, organised and sponsored by the company “Fely Campo, S.L.”, is going to select up to 10 young designers and reward the best collection of the ones selected. This category is going to give a prize consisting in one or several short courses in Central Saint Martin´s School of Arts and Design of London valued at 2,000 €. It is also going to be an honourable mention without economic endowment. The deadline for registration ends on August, 31.

Download: Contest rules. Link: Bases concurso categoría diseño

Download: Registration form. Link: Ficha inscripción categoría diseño

Entrepreneurship Category


This category is carried out in collaboration with “Fundación La Caixa”, which also supports it. The mentioned category is going to award an 8,000-€ prize to the best business project related to fashion in Castilla y León. In addition to the economic prize, the autonomous government of Castilla y León, through the institute ICE – Institute for the Entrepreneurial Competitiviness of Castilla y León- is going to provide the winner with training activities and mentoring in order to validate the business model, elaborate a plan for entrepreneurial development and seek funding.

The deadline for submitting applications for this category is September 7.

Participants will be required to have finished their degree in Fashion Design or to be studying the last course or their final project in the official schools of Fashion located in the participating regions or in other schools providing higher education in Fashion Design.

Download: Contest rules. Link: Bases categoría emprendimiento

Download: Registration form. Link: Ficha inscripción categoría emprendimiento

The documents can be submitted to the email  consultas.comercio@jcyl.es


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