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/International / Grants and scholarships / Two students from EASDB in Italy!

Two students from EASDB in Italy!




Everything is going well at the school, our classmates help us with everything and they invite us every time there is an event. Some teachers help us with the projects we are carrying out and teach us new things, but these projects are not very difficult. In the evenings, we  usually go to a centre called Art Village. It is a place where they fuse theater, music and art. They help people with mental problems, such as autism, Down syndrome, and work on social integration, immigration or teach children of different ages to play musical instruments, or to work together to become an orchestra, and so on. This is the most representative place because it is an explosion of emotions, an enriching and inspiring place which is always on the move. The atmosphere is fantastic and the people who organize everything ( and whom I have been so lucky to meet) is wonderful, especially the work they do.

We are going to Napoli from the school next Monday ,but only for the day, this year there won´t be any one-week trips. We spent an evening in Termoli with some friends, we went to the cinema in Foggia, we visited Trani with the Linguistics school, and went partying in Vasto. We have cooked Spanish omelette twice, one for the opening of the Teachers room and one for a lunch with our classmates.

Sheila y Alvaro



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