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/Courses / Eckener-Schule Flensburg Leonardo Experience.

Eckener-Schule Flensburg Leonardo Experience.


Hi there!
My name is Ivan. I am one of the alumni participating in the Leonardo 2013 mobility program.
My destination has been the Eckener School specialized in wood, located in the German city of Flensburg, where I have had the opportunity of widening and sharing my knowledge on the wood related jobs.
During the thirteen weeks my stay has lasted, besides learning in this renowned school, we have visited interesting museums like the Museumberg Flensburg, the Carlsberg Glyptotek and the Thorvaldsen Museum, in Copenhagen, among others.
The experience has been very enriching both educational and personally and I have come back to Burgos with a bunch of ideas and eager to carry them out.


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