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/News / Events / Elena Cuadrado and Potipoti

Elena Cuadrado and Potipoti


Elena Cuadrado y POTOPOTI

My experience has been very enriching both professionally and personally. I’ve Been lucky to join the Potipoti design studio and learn from within the creative process of this brand. My stay with Nando and Silvia has been a very fortunate one since I’ve learned a lot working always in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

Berlin is a wonderful city, known for its high concentration of culture, art galleries, events for all tastes, a variety of musical offerings… Its poverty is aesthetic while ironic: the cheaper something is, the more beautiful it is. A city where weird stuff is more normal than the normal one. Regarding fashion, independent design, freedom, diversity of ideas and easy access are common. Berlin has a large number of showrooms and really attracts attention the support given to young designers.

On the other hand, I want to remark how enriching the experience of living in contact with different cultures and learning the language is.


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