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/International / Erasmus+ / ENTREVET KA 2 / Entrevet continues its path

Entrevet continues its path


The College of Design and School of Art held last 25th April a presentation ceremony of the works created within the Erasmus KA2 project ENTREVET. The participants, students from Leather Accessories Craftwork vocational studies, have worked along with students from three other European educational institutions from Italy (Istituto di Istruzione Superiore G. Mazzatinti), Finland (Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä) and Estonia (Tartu Art School). The CEEI in Burgos also collaborated in this project as a business coach.

This is an Erasmus+ funded project whose aims are:

  • Boost the Leather Accessories Craftwork student´s possibilities in the job market.
  • Improve their entrepeneurial skills.
  • Improve traditional and ITC design skills
  • Boost social skills
  • Improve linguistic and cultural skills

The link and inspiration in this project has been the cultural heritage of each of the participant cities. The students had to select cultural patterns, vectorize them and finally reproduce them in the design of a real product. This project combines awareness of each cities culture with creativity and entrepreneurship in all its aspects. ( generation of ideas, viability, retail, promotion…)

Thanks to this project there has been a promotion of our cultural heritage in situ (visits to the sights in the city, museums, walks around the city…) as well as through the project physical outcomes. It enhances the students learning outcomes at the College of Design and School of Arts; besides, it boosts entrepreneurship and cultural exchange.


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