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/International / Erasmus+ / Erasmus in Oporto

Erasmus in Oporto


I’ve already living for three months in this fantastic city and the balance is clearly positive.

Oporto is a vibrant and fascinating city which is quickly becoming one of the main destinies in Europe. The city has a vast history, a diversity of interesting tourist attractions and a lively night life. There are endless thigs to see and do in Oporto.

Even though the most famous exportation is still the “Oporto” wine, life in this city is anything but old. It is a dynamic and spectacular city with a growing cultural scene.

The city is also known by its awesomeness, innovation and beauty of its bridges, dated in different times and architectural styles.

A total number of seven give us some spectacular sights of the city.

Regarding my studies, the EASD is very different. The working mode here adapts to the student. The works allow you to explore your identity and have “life “beyond the school, so you enjoy and learn more. We visit companies, fabric fairs and any other event that helps us in our professional future. The classes are very interactive ad creativity is highly encouraged, giving priority to ideas rather than to workload. Everything focused on forming new creators.

I encourage everybody who is thinking of taking part in an experience like this. Firstly In an academic level, since it allows you to discover that there are other work methods and subjects we don’t have in our school. And of course in a personal level, as it gives you the opportunity to know other cultures, other points of view and people from all over Europe. Because travelling broadens culture and opens your mind.


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