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/International / Erasmus+ 14|20 / Erasmus+ Incoming students at the EASD.

Erasmus+ Incoming students at the EASD.


This school year the EASD has received 2 Erasmus+ incoming students: Martyna, from Poland, who is actually spending a semester studying Fashion Design, and Emilia, from Finland, who stayed for a month under an Erasmus + internship programme in the different vocational workshops at the School.


Martyna has taken some subjects in the second semester, getting integrated in the school and the class demeanours and learning different methodologies taught at subjects such as: Projects, Handcraft Textile Techniques or Clothing Pattern Making among others.


Emilia´s stay developed in an interdisciplinary way by taking part in the different workshops at the school. She used leather to reproduce some of the works previously prepared in Artistic Drawing and Volume lessons. She also took part in Pattern making a Sculpture workshops.


The first week of April both students made a presentation to teachers and students at the School to give us an idea about their hometown, educational institutions and the works they do there.


These types of grants provided by the Erasmus+ programme promote the mobility of students among different countries around Europe with the aim to enhance and improve High Education and thus help the students enhance their skills as well as their job opportunities.


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