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/International / Erasmus+ / Erasmus+, intership at Lodz, Poland

Erasmus+, intership at Lodz, Poland


My Erasmus experience is in Lodz the third largest city in Poland, characteristic for meaning ship and having neither sea nor river.

The first impressions were not exactly good because of the hard winter, but I’m wrong, it’s full of cozy places very varied. For Poles any day is good to celebrate something (the day of the donuts, the arrival of spring, where you throw buckets of water down the street) Now that the good weather has arrived, this looks like another city, full of flowers and terraces.

They say the polish is very difficult, and well, it is true, but you get used to everything quickly, and when you understand things it gives a big satisfaction.

Poland is a destination that has everything, it has coast, mountain and a movie town. In addition to being located in Central Europe it is really easy to travel to the countries that surround it (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden …) and if you are a student it is very cheap so it is the ideal place to take advantage of travel.

The food is different from the Mediterranean diet, but it is very good and designed for cold days.

Famous for its beer and hot wine, personally i do not like it but there is also hot tea, well known to lovers of infusions along with a piece of apple pie.

Regarding the Academy of Fine Arts is a bit far but very well connected to a stop but this the fabric store, which is a bane.

Here the environment is very creative, there are all branches of design, fine arts and audiovisual.

Always willing to help each other. Teachers attach great importance to exploiting the imagination and experimenting with different techniques with the workshops offered by the school.

At the academy the practices cover many fields and you can see the different styles that each person works in fashion. There is always some event to perform.  I like a lot  helping the students to unify the collections because you have to be objective and also it helps you to learn. 

The photo sessions of the projects are very interesting, there are two days in the photography studio with the outfits prepared in the donkeys ready for the models.

Also note that if you do not put enthusiasm it’s not worth it, but that’s like everything.

The Erasmus is a very enriching experience in all aspects if you want to learn.

I would spend hours talking about my experience so, I encourage you to come to Poland to know a different and very welcoming culture.


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