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/International / Experiences 07|14 / Erasmus 2007-2014 / STT in ESAD College of Art and Design Matosinhos

STT in ESAD College of Art and Design Matosinhos


Matosinhos STT_2014_ESAD_Matosinhos_Alejandro_Caballero120

Last June, I was awarded with a scholarship to travel to ESAD Matosinhos. The main purposes of this experience were: to get a close contact with the different methodologies they use, as well as learning from their school dynamics. On the other hand, we shared the experience with our student, Tamara, who is attending this School as an Erasmus student. At the same time, we tried to reach to an arrangement for further cooperation between both Institutions.

ESAD Matosinhos combines an open-class dynamic system together with some closed-master classes centred on theory. The School highly emphasizes the development of creativity as well as the communication strategies in project development.

We had different interviews with digital technology and fashion and design teachers, in order to share our views on design studies methodologies, coming to an agreement on future projects coordinated by both Institutions. At the same time, I have attended theoretical master classes, as long as some workshops on wood, serigraphy, photography, communication and projects expositions.

I would like to conclude thanking Antonino Jorge, my fellow college, for his kindness and warm reception and also for facilitating the best context to develop my work during my staying.







Head of the Department of image and design: Alejandro Caballero Gutiérrez




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