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/International / Erasmus+ / Finland returns to the School

Finland returns to the School


Satu Virtanen, student from Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design (IKATA) in Finland, is about to finish her intership at our School, after three months with us.

Our School has a tight relationship with IKATA, having participated with it over a decade in Comenius, Leonardo and Erasmus+ international projects, sending and receiving students in 10-day visits and also in interships.

Thanks to an Erasmus+ learning agreement, Satu has accomplished her programme, organised among the different workshops: Leather Complements, Wood Carving, Gilding and Volume. She has made artistic objects in them, which will serve her to finnish her studies.

In addition to it, she has integrated herself perfectly well in the School academic life, going to conferences and workshops programmed during the _nlaza sessions and visiting the Capa workshop, a wood reproduction workshop, a sculpture foundry and the Madrid Restoration School.


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