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/News / Conferences “Enlaza” (3rd edition). Juan Villa

Conferences “Enlaza” (3rd edition). Juan Villa


Last 21 March was the first day of Spring –apparently only in theory, judging by the weather- and also the beginning of the third edition of the Conferences “Enlaza” in our school. They were related to the 12th edition of the conferences “Intromoda” and started with the awesome speech “My experience in working as a craftsman of sculpture and stage props”. After that, a full-day intensive masterclass on sculpture took place, in which Juan Villa approached us to the new synthetic materials and techniques used for sculpture, moulds and reproductions applied to cinema, television, theatre and museum work.

The development of this seminar had a great reception by students and teachers. It was a magnificent experience thanks to the sculptor, his company “Prometeo” and his team as well as his most outstanding artworks such as faithful archaeological reproductions, anthropological vestiges, materialization of scientific advances, all kinds of fantastic creatures, mummies, corpses, animals and incredible creatures. They all were recreated at the highest level of talent and professionalism and in accordance to the contemporary hyperrealist sculpture, fully adapted to the tough requirements of television, theatre, fiction, props, figures for museums and archaeological exhibitions, etc.

Juan Villa guided us successfully through all his professional fields thanks to the magic of his creations until we plunged into the practice of the workshop, into the “dissection” of his recreations. He shared the secrets, products and tools used by him and his team with us by means of techniques of carving, modelling, dyeing, patinated sculpture, moulds and an endless array of artistic possibilities making use of very diverse materials which combine handcrafted processes with 3D printing or automated milling, all this being generously explained by the skilled, experienced and highly talented artist. It was, with no doubt, a real luxury for our school.


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