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/International / Erasmus+ / Learning about LODZ

Learning about LODZ


I´ve recently visited the ASP of Lodz (Strzeminski of Art Lodz), more precisely its Departments of Printing and Textile art, Photography and Audiovisual media, for 5 days.

It was a very interesting experience in a very large Academy and therefore, with many technical resources. This range of resources made it possible to see different stamping techniques that we may be able to integrate over time into one of the Fashion Design optional subjects in our School.

In addition, in my visits to the Departments of Photography and Audiovisual media I could also take many ideas to be implemented in our subjects and studies.

I returned with my mind full of ideas and projects to improve the EASD Burgos, since I have realized that even being very different centres, with very different methodologies, there are always ways to adopt the positive aspects of each one to a greater or lesser extent. Everything that enhances the educational quality of our institutions can be extrapolated from one to the other.

We are on it !

Maite Monzón.



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