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Leonardo travel takes them


I.L.H. / Burgos – Saturday, January 26, 2013
5 students of the School of Art obtained a scholarship to complete his training in Italy and Germany for 3 months • All take advantage of their stay in another country to find work

Not only will continue to practice or training abroad. The five students of the Art School in the coming weeks to travel to Italy and Germany with a scholarship Leonardo want more from their stay in Spain to look for work. “From the beginning of what attracted me to go abroad, and to do so in Germany is a great opportunity. Also here there is no work of Artistic Woodworking-now I make my living as a waitress, and there may have more options. I will use the scholarship to better learn the language, meet new woodworking techniques and job search, “says Patricia Fountain, 21.
Zex same opinion Sagredo, 43, who travels to an institute of Foggia (Italy) to expand their knowledge in jewelry and mosaic, a specialty you would like to pursue. “The first thing I do is look for a job and if anything, I have no problem extending my stay a few months,” he says. “The enamel works well in France, England or Italy, which is the cradle of art, but there is almost nothing here,” he adds.
Ivan Calleja Serrano and Israel will not get hit, quite the contrary, to extend their stay away from home. “Hopefully find opportunities in Italy there are no” suggests Israel, 22, interested in learning about another culture, leaving home and strengthen their knowledge in drawing and Volume.


Elena Cuadrado has proven experience and lentils sought sees fit outside of Spain “because there is no ‘, at least in design and fashion, which is his specialty. When finished studies conducted last year and half practice for 6 months at the Madrid headquarters of the fashion company Potipoti, where he was invited to repeat in Berlin. As he pushed the deadline to apply for the scholarship Leonardo, traveled to Germany to learn the language and test the waters in other companies.
Now, with the scholarship work three months in the company of Potipoti Berlin – “Madrid are more engaged in the printing and graphic fashion in Germany working flat” – and will continue to seek career.


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