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My erasmus destination is a city in Poland, called Lodz, which is pronounced “woch”.

After several months in this city, the more I see it and the more things I do, the more I like it.

Lodz is a very well-organized city for the students in buildings with the facade in ruins but so cute inside that it is part of the charm of this place.

It has a very cold climate but that does not stop people from doing things, there is always something to do, travel, cultural events … etc.

The academy in which I study has many workshops from different areas

It has an exhibition hall and a walkway, and almost every weekend we see what there is.

It is fascinating how they leave fly imagination. The classes are separated from the workshops, which offer better execution in the practical parts.

One thing that is great is that in school there are all types of design and also fine arts, making students complement each other in the projects.

I never imagined doing an Erasmus and I think it’s the best experience I’ve had. It enriches you culturally, you learn languages, you know really nice people and it makes you grow as a person.

I’d also like to say that the ERASMUS awakens that travel bug that we all have inside, so I encourage you to request it. No matter the destination.




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