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/International / Erasmus+ 14|20 / New Bulgarian University conducted a workshop at the EASD under the Erasmus+ programme.

New Bulgarian University conducted a workshop at the EASD under the Erasmus+ programme.


The 24th, 25th and 26th May the School welcomed three teachers from the New Bulgarian University:  Dora Momekova, Nikolai Pachev y Yana Dvoretska, They directed the teaching to third year students from the Fashion Design degree.


The first day they took part in one of the masterclasses organized to celebrate Fashion Revolution and afterwards conducted the workshop which addressed trend analysis, examining the perspectives of both designers and consumers focusing on the influence they have in the fashion world.


The second day, they conducted an Eco print workshop where they worked on sustainability values and traditional dying and printing methods. They put into value the different options these techniques add to the execution of their collections for Projects IV.


The last day of their stay they viewed and analysed the outcomes of both workshops. Later on the students showed the teachers the different work processes at Projects III: idea, sketchbooks, fabric samples, sketches and stylings.


Staff mobilities for teaching help teachers exchange ideas, different approaches and methodologies which can enhance teaching and create synergies between institutions to promote new collaborations. The aim is not only to approach teaching in different ways but also to create spaces where ideas can be exchanged among teachers from the different institutions and eventually apply them, which will enrich the classroom practice.



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