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/International / Grants and scholarships / Participants in Leonardo Projects come back home.

Participants in Leonardo Projects come back home.



Seven students of the School of Art and Superior of Design in Burgos have had several-month stays in different countries in Europe, closing with their return the last Leonardo da Vinci project within the framework of Continuous Training Programmes  (CTP) of the European Commission .From now on,  graduates´ practicums will  follow the guidelines of the Erasmus+ programme.

Finland has been the host country for Lorena, Javier and Diego, high technicians of Arts Applied to Wood. Furniture restoration, creation of a traditional Finnish musical instrument,and glassblowing have been the workshops in which they have participated in these three months. Eva, graduate in Fashion Design, has taken part in the Glassblowing workshop, specializing , afterwards, in  textile techniques, such as artistic weaving and natural dyeing.

Italy has been the host country for Álvaro and Sheila, students of Artistic Cabinet-making , and Gilding and Polychrome respectively . The workshops they have participated in include Scenography, Pictorial Techniques, and Volume. In the evenings, the have also been actively engaged in a center of art and integration, “Art Village”.

Portugal has been the destination of Emma, graduate in Fashion Design. It is there where she has been able to learn Printing and Illustration techniques.

In September they will tell us about their experiences first hand. Don´t miss it!


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