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/International / Experiences 07|14 / Erasmus 2007-2014 / Tamara Villa del Hoyo and Enma Sancho Arnáiz enjoy a grant in Oporto.

Tamara Villa del Hoyo and Enma Sancho Arnáiz enjoy a grant in Oporto.



As soon as wet got to the city, we wanted to walk along  its elegant neighbourhoods and narrow streets and visit the area of “la Ribera” . Oporto is a nostalgic city that still keeps traditions alive. We have enjoyed the cuisine such as the famous “francesinhas”.

Sunny days are  quite suitable  to go for a  walk along the beach in Matosinhos, which is near the harbour,  and to eat  in the  restaurants  the well- known  grilled  fish.

We live in a residential area, and near our house, it is the “Parque da Cidade” which gives access to the beach. It is a large  green area, great for leisure activities and walks. The Portuguese are very friendly and hospitable, ready to help you at any time.  The language at the beginning was a small obstacle tha  we’ve been overcoming over time learning  new words and expressions every day. The start at school  was rather hard as we didn´t know neither the place nor the methodology applied in the lessons…

The ESAD  works in a different way from the school of art in Burgos. A Bohemian atmosphere is all around and,  in  some lessons,  several studies such as  graphics and product are mixed .

We are very happy to be able to expand our knowledge with subjects such as stamping, expressive drawing and illustration.  At the end of the month of March, the “Portugal Fashion” is held in Porto, we had the opportunity to attend  the designer Carlos Gil catwalk  and to know the space Bloom for young designers .

We have passed the midpoint of our stay, each day we try to make the most of every moment and not miss anything from the city. We  want to visit other cities such as Aveiro, Lisbon and Braga. Both the Leonardo and Erasmus scholarships are unique experiences for cultural learning, expanding  knowledge and they provide  the opportunity to socialize with people from other countries,  what can end up in friendship.

By Tamara Villa del Hoyo and Enma Sancho Arnáiz



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